Our Feeding Programs are designed to help children who suffer malnutrition that has affected their overall health and proper growth. Programs are established to help children overcome these nutritional issues and maintain proper eating and nutritional habits so that additional health problems can be avoided.

A  group of specialists, including a pediatrician, work with each child and family to correct the multiple problems caused by malnutrition. Our comprehensive program takes a supportive approach that includes a child's medical and developmental needs, while also teaching personal hygiene standards and addressing issues caused by parasites as well as family education and training.

We have a simple, but complex mission: to help people in need. We do that by focusing on individual and community-based  efforts including food, water, and medical relief to provide hope for today.   Our education, business and housing projects are building hope for the future!!

Purchase coffee grown right here in Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Our coffee is SHG, single origin, organic arabica beans roasted to a medium perfection by our partner Social Grounds CC and shipped right to your front door!


Filling Bowls  &  Healing Souls


Children often do not get to attend school. Instead working long hard days on coffee farms to help provide for their family. Your support will change the future for a child! Contact us for opportunities to sponsor a child through our direct support sponsorship program!! 




Deeply Rooted Grounds was founded with one thing in mind.  Helping the poor. We dedicate ourselves to seek out the ones that are abused and forgotten.  We work in the poorest of communities providing aid through multi-level community projects.  Our community based hope centers provide food, unlimited access to clean water, medical treatment, education and healing for the soul.  Our housing initiative is building homes, showers and bathrooms for those that once had no where to turn. Our goal is to reach out with a helping hand to anyone that presents a need.  We want to love like Jesus!

Ephesians 3:17

So that Christ will live in

your hearts through faith,

so that you may be rooted

and grounded in LOVE!!

We see the power of LOVE transform lives every day.  It looks like something. That something is food, water, clothing, education, and medical care.  We do just that through our community based HOPE CENTERS!!

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